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My journey to explore America thru the trails system

Let the Adventure begin!

.: About Me

My goal of creating this website is to take the undiscovered areas of our lives either cycling or life in general and bring that to you. I am a cycling enthusiast who loves to hit the trails and find new places. Cycling gives me a quick way to move through an area with a camera. I want to document and share all the little secrets that the trails or even life has to offer. I have an insatiable desire to search, explore, discover, and of course share. I hope of inspiring you to begin your next adventure of seeing what the world has to offer. Now get out and EXPLORE!


Below are a sampling of playlists of the over 400 videos I have produced.

For specific videos please check out my YouTube site <HERE>

.: Cycling the Trails of Central Ohio

.: Central Ohio Parks

.: Festivals, Shows, & Events

.: Columbus Zoo & The Wilds

.: Columbus Ohio

.: Holiday Displays

.: Travel

.: Ohio Train rides

.: Places of Worship

.: Hocking Hills Parks

.: Suggested Iphone apps for cycling and health

There are 20+ more YouTube playlists that I can't display.

We are an excellent source of Central Ohio Information!